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Civil Company constituted and created by Francisco Córdova and Itzel Schnaas, which produces, develops and manages cultural activities within the Mexican artistic scene, focusing on organization of festivals, production of training and updating dance workshops, project management and funding, as well as the creation and mobilization of artistic productions within the national and international contexts.


Since its constitution in 2018, Fábrica Escena is the production Company that manages and organizes the professional work of: PHYSICAL MOMENTUM and ATLAS México Biennial International Dance Festival; promulgating through these the development of dance within diverse contexts working from the public creative axis, continuous training and the promotion of international professional distribution circuits by participating in stage markets such as PAMS (Korea), TANZMESSE (Germany), FIRA TÁRREGA (Spain), MAPAS (Spain) and ENARTES (Mexico).


FÁBRICA ESCENA S.C has consolidated itself as a platform for the production, management, creation and distribution for the creative development of the performing arts within the dance scene and its multiple artistic and educational fields of research.


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