In Third Person is a scenic proposal that expresses the philosophical variables of our identity. Speaking about yourself through the eyes of the other. Otherness as a demonization and dehumanization of who we are as individuals. 


“The inferno is the gaze of the other, since those “others” are ourselves”


Original Idea & Creation: Francisco Córdova 

Performers: Francisco Córdova, Alfonso López, Luis Vallejo and Carlos Zamora

Scenography: Judith Colomer / Reconstrucción Mexico: Héctor Lara

Stage Advisors: Claudia Lavista, Judith Tellez, Roberto Olivan and Lali Ayguade

Sound Design: Omar Córdova (Process1) / Manuel Estrella (Process 2)

Dramaturgical Advisor: José Alberto Gallardo

Light Design: Francisco Córdova

General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Escena S.C.

Executive Production and Technical Managing: Arturo Cruz

Producers and Cultural Promoters: Lorena Azcona and Arturo Cruz

Coproduction: Physical Momentum & Fabrica Escena S.C.

Manager (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani


*  Piece picked for the Performing Arts Meeting TANZMESSE. Dusseldorf,

    Germany 2018.

*  Piece picked for the Performing Arts Meeting ENARTES of FONCA.

    Mexico 2016.

*  Piece selected within the Ibero American Circuit of the Alternative Theater

    Circuit Spain 2016.

*  Piece created through the Program Jóvenes Creadores 2013 - 2014.

*  Piece supported by the Artistic Residencies in the C.C Barceloneta and San

    Martí in Barcelona, Spain.


Photos: Gabriel Ramos, Emmanuel Adamez, Ogamifam

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