It’s a scenic proposal that talks about short metaphorical scenarios of death. Francisco Córdova (México) and Rakesh Sukesh (India) developed this collaboration searching for the cultural similarities between India and Mexico. One of the most significant shared cultural phenomena between both cultures is the way they have approached death throughout centuries, how society perceived it. This became the starting point for their research. In May Us Bless The I, the artists found a way to combine three different elements within the narrative of the piece: RITUAL, EGO and DEATH.


The concept of death for eastern culture promotes the concept of hanging on, growing up with the idea of “forever”, while the other culture tries to set itself free from life, escape from earthly existence. “If you relate like I do, you’re already dead”.


Original Idea, Direction and Creation: Francisco Córdova & Rakesh Sukesh

Scenic Director / Coach: Horacio Macuacua & Alberto Pérez

Sound Design: Manuel Estrella

Engineer and Multimedia Technician: Raul Mendoza

Set and Lighting Design: Francisco Córdova/Rakesh Sukesh

General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Escena S.C.

Executive Production and Stage Management: Arturo Cruz

Co-production: Physical Momentum & Fabrica Escena S.C.

Executive Associates: Alejandro Yañez y Fabrica Escena S.C. /Itzel Schnaas

Manager (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani

Acknowledgements to: Tictac Art Centre, Centro Nacional de las Artes SLP, Facultad de Danza de Mexicali, Cia. Sin Luna Danza Punk, Proyecto Ítaca, Dance Centrum Jette, Physical Momentum and Fábrica Escena SC.

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