OFF natura MORTA

Piece that talks about the landscapes of an abandoned body. 

"Sleep is the little sibling of death. The pleasure of dying. 

When flesh becomes part of some architecture.

the idea of the unavoidable, death as the last human frontier.

Flesh that rots while being observed behind the camera.

Silent look. No-one does a thing"


Physical Momentum  & Proyecto Itaca

Original Idea & Scenic Creation: Francisco Córdova and Beto Pérez

Collaborators / Creatives: Alfonso López Aguilar and Raúl Mendoza

Stage Design: Physical Momentum & Proyecto Itaca

Lighting Design: Francisco Córdova  & Raul Mendoza

Video Design and multimedia: Raúl Mendoza


* Piece created through the Scenic Creators with Expertise Program 2016-2018

   of the National Fund for Culture and Arts FONCA.

Photography: Mariana Torres

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