Perpetuum Tempus is that which lasts.That persists or that manages to last through time; a forever. It is not a precise quality, therefore, being permanent refers to a state of no modification, of preservation, invariable elongation of time, an infinite multiplication.

Architecture and flesh highlight the importance of our human history. Both multiply. They are proof that they remain dead or alive, remaining in time, carrying out each a function to experiment new ways of inhabiting themselves and us. Those who have been able to remain standing still, and those that became absent architectures. Absent bodies.


“Repetition, which perceives the identity of the essence through the diversity of its phenomena, finds the identical through the diverse, evoking the eternal return of the same. The ideal of the form (…) of presence itself, implies, in turn, that it can be repeated to the infinitum, that its return, as a comeback from the same, makes if necessary to the infinitum and inscribed in presence as such”.

                                                                                                                     Jaques Derrida.


Physical Momentum & Danza Joven de Sinaloa   

Original Idea and Artistic Direction: Francisco Córdova

Co-General Direction: Carlos Zamora

Co-Production: Physical Momentum, Danza Joven de Sinaloa and ISIC Instituto Sinaloense de Cultura

Scenography / Sound Design / Lighting Design: Francisco Córdova

Creators in scene: Carlos Zamora, Edylin Zatarain, Mario Edén Cázares, Azarel Meza, Rosa A. Gutiérrez, Victor González, Tiffany Orozco, Maximiliano Corrales, Berenice Arias

Costume Design: Edylin Zatarain

Executive Production: Arturo Cruz / Physical Momentum

Technical Assistant: Raúl Mendoza

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