PHYSICAL MOMENTUM is an independent company created in 2007 as a result of its director´s choreographic needs. It revolves around a context where the motivations and forms of dance and the interdisciplinary are being redefined within the world of contemporary art. The company shapes its identity from experiences of the dance and theatrical languages, being an axis of its dramaturgy the vigor of physicality. The performing resources of the Company come from research and experimentation, not only from movement, but from the work of physical actions. A very strict lighting design is part of its dramaturgical identity and its visual poetry. Its creations showcase bodies under extreme conditions. Its pieces talk about universal thoughts: death, flesh, farewell, the individual. Physical Momentum´s choreographic speech has been displayed in several stages and platforms of the international dance market.

2022 marks the Company´s 15th anniversary of performing labor, showcasing its work in international stages, meetings and dance and theater festivals in countries such as Mexico, The United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Russia and Singapore.


1. LOGO PHYSICAL 2020.png