Francisco Córdova and his collaborators have been working on a research process based on numerous states of absence and what absence feels like in his country of origin, where dead has been normalized and commotion is an unnoticed day to day condition. 
This process has lead to a very concrete score: when a body goes through a state of shock or at the moment of death, the last note that resonates in a person’s head is La.


Idea and ConceptFrancisco Córdova
Performers / Collaborators: Paola Madrid, Alfonso Aguilar, Paulina Espinosa, Francisco Córdova

Support and Collaborator: David Zambrano

Creation Residence: Tictac Art Centre

Costume Design: Al Mendoza

Sound Design: Clelia Patrono
Producers and Cultural Promoters: Lorena Azcona and Arturo Cruz
Manager (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani

Photography: Arnaud Beelen


* Tictac Art Centre (Bruselas 2022)

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