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SOURCE is a dance and installation performance based on the circadian rhythms of light, where various physical states of the body are explored through different light behaviors.

The theoretical and practical investigation of the luminous concepts of Visible Spectrum and Black Body are used as triggers for the interactivity between dance and installation.



Physical Momentum & Estudio 8291

Idea and concept: Francisco Córdova and Raúl Mendoza

Scenic Direction and Lighting Design: Francisco Córdova

Programmer | Software Engineering: Raul Mendoza

Performers: Alfonso Aguilar, Paola Madrid, José Corral, Irene Madrid, Maximiliano Corrales (†), José Angel Rochin, Mariela Puyol, Luis Vallejo, Francisco Córdova.

Costumes: Al Mendoza


Executive Producer and Cultural Promoters: Lorena Azcona 

General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Scene S.C.

Co-production: Physical Momentum, Estudio 8291 & Fabrica Escena S.C.

Manager Physical Momentum (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani

Photography: Irene Azcue y José Azuela

Art design and Publicity Campaign: Raúl Hernández

Acknowledgements to:

Centro de las Artes de Guanajuato CEARG, System of Supports to Creation and Cultural Projects SACPC, Danzarium.

* Piece performed at the Teatro Benjamin Carreón. Festival Internacional de Artes vivas de Loja, Ecuador 2023.

​* Piece performed at the Teatro de la Ciudad de Monterrey, Teatro de la Ciudad de Querétaro, Teatro de la Ciudad Purisima, Gto. México 2023.

* Piece created and performed through the CEARG Center for the Arts of Guanajuato (México) 2022.

* Piece performed at the Teatro Degollado, Gdl,  Teatro Morelos, Ags, Teatro CDC Raúl Gamboa, SLP .Mexico 2022

* Piece performed at the Teatro Juaréz. Gto, Mexico 2020

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