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Is a saga of pieces created and directed byFrancisco Córdova and Beto Pérez.

The Contemporary Chamber Ballet of The National Dance Company of Ecuador, Proyecto ítaca and the Dance Department of Universidad Veracruzana are part of this saga.

This is a creative proposal that explores the vertigo of living while expecting the terrible end, alone. With no hopes and no gods. This state forces us to conceive our life as the only place, our only home. Hopelessness as an impulse to act.

"When we stop singing in the promissory idea of a real world, when we let go of structures and ideas of life, when we stop thinking about the existence of those things that control our wishes and establish limited ways of our continuous breathing...  we will find our own garden..."


Co-Creation: Francisco Córdova and Beto Pérez

Performers: Esperanza Mendoza, Columba Zavala, Erick Elizondo, Ricardo Rojas. Francisco Córdova, Aladino Rivera and Beto Pérez.

Creation Residence: LaCantera

Co-Production: Physical Momentum & Proyecto Itaca

* Scenic Project supported by The Scenic Creators with Expertise Program 2011-2012 of FONCA

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