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Is a saga of choreographic pieces created and directed by Francisco Córdova. Is a scenic construction that express the memorable experiences of a shared instant. The way we live, what defines and shapes us, is just our proposition of living in a moment that is constantly re defined. Everything that indeterminately proves who we are, what we do or where we are at.

“Because time only passes by: it flees, it is uncatchable, it escapes the analysis and thought, and always lasts. How couldn't it exist if it resists all and nothing resists it back?  How couldn't it exist if it contains everything that there is? To be means to be within time; that is how time needs to be” C.S.



Performers / Physical Momentum: Luis García, Marion Sparber, Pera Joseph, Jose R. Corrales y Akira Yoshida.

​General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Escena S.C. 

Executive Producer and Cultural Promoter: Lorena Azcona 

Co-Production: Physical Momentum & Fabrica Escena S.C. 

Manager Physical Momentum (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani

* Choreographic Saga:

• Piece performed at the Dance circuit "Red a Cielo Abierto". Spain (2018)

PHYSICAL MOMENTUM / Barcelona > Brussels > Berlin (2017)

SEAD / Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance / Austria (2017)

FONTYS / Hogeschool voor de Kunsten / Holland (2017)

ANDR / Accademia Nazionale di Danza Roma / Italy (2017)

EPDM / Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán / Mexico (2016)

*  Piece supported by the Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (Berlin 2017)

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