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Is a proposal that portrays the "brute hopelessness" of the human being.

A piece that shows a double sense of sexuality, confronting masculinity with femininity, highlighting the physical and corporal differences."Women/Men" of all sizes, play pretending to safeguard the most honest actions of themselves. 

This piece is exclusively designed for 16 performers (Actresses & Dancers).

Arteria is the “infinite chaos of living”.


Original Idea & Creation: Francisco Córdova

Lighting Design: Francisco Córdova                                          

Performers: Rocío Reyes, Guadalupe Mora, Ana García, Sandra Casale, Yuki Pastrana, Padma di Tullio, Gabriela López Aguirre, Yadira Ferrer, Sandra Gutiérrez, Paulina Carrillo, Iazua Larios, Verónica Colin, Julia Färber, Paulina Caballero, Mariana, Paulina del Carmen.


Collaborators: Beto Pérez, Arturo Cruz, Vladimir Garza, Luis Daniel Pérez, Mauricio Rico, Stephanie Janaina, Jaime Camarena, La Cantera

Creation Residence: LaCantera



*  Grant recipient of the Program Award Support of Dance Producion EPRODANZA 2012-2013 within the Apoc Apoc project in colaboration with Physical Momentum. Choreographic project: “Arteria”.

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