Is a piece composed by multiple metaphorical images of men. An exhibition of real time paintings that show the creation of our own universe.


“The minimum effort of the being to exist.

The emotion as the beginning of will and movement, as the sum of all emotions. This will shapes the conatus of a body and its physical manifestation, the will to live"



Co- Creation and Original Idea: Francisco Córdova &  Beto Pérez

Performers: Francisco Córdova &  Beto Pérez (Proyecto Ítaca)   

Stage Advisor: Armando Holzer

Scenography: Héctor Lara

Main Technician and Direction Assistant: Raquel Malvaez


* Piece created thanks to the support of the Scenic Creators Program

   2009-2010 of the National Fund for Arts and Culture, FONCA .


1. LOGO PHYSICAL 2020.png