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Unknown Quantities

“In the smallest part of matter there is a world of creatures, of living beings, animals, entelequias, souls. Every piece of nature can be conceived as a garden full of plants and as a pond full of fish”, Leibniz wrote in his monadic theory. Matter, from Aristotle to the present day, has been the great object of study. What is matter made of? What is the primal energy, its origin?



Idea and Concept: Francisco Córdova & Paola Madrid

Programmer / Software Engineering: Raul Mendoza
Performers / Collaborators: Paola Madrid & Francisco Córdova

Music Editor/Sound Design: Clelia Patrono

Producer and Cultural Promoter: Lorena Azcona

Co-Production: Physical Momentum & Sorta Project
Manager (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani​

Photography: Gabino Guerrero

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