Improvisational solo interventions built upon different performative speeches. The language of improvisation so as the new dramaturgy and trains of thought for the performing arts and the contemporary art proving the plurality of performing profiles in collaboration with diverse artists (musicians, visual artists, among others) experts in the improvisational field.

Physical Momentum & Sociedad de impro brutal

Idea and concept: Francisco Córdova and Raúl Mendoza
Technical Direction and Multimedia Engineering: Raúl Mendoza
Performers: Alfonso L. Aguilar, Maximiliano Corrales, Francisco Córdova

Musicians on stage: Francisco Balboa, Omar Córdova, Paúl León Morales y Luis Andres Tovar Gomez
Producers and Cultural Promoters: Lorena Azcona and Arturo Cruz
General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Scene S.C.
Manager (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani

Photography: Irene Azcue, Fernanda Aldonza, José Azuela

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