The virtue of the horizon. Making sense out of steps…

Solo by Francisco Cordova about the virtue of the wanderer, that one who's always searching in the remoteness.

Walking lightly, no strings attached, searching for the eternal horizon.

“… when he was born, a crow stole his belly; therefore, he walks”

Original Idea, Creation and Performance: Francisco Córdova 

Lighting: Francisco Córdova


* Kalamata International Dance Festival (2019. Kalamata Greece)

* Nomada Danza Festival (2018. El Salvador)

Vivadança Festival Internacional (2017. SS,Bahia, Brazil)

* Festival Cuerpo Romo (2016. Torre vieja. Spain)

* Soloists Gala (UNAM Dance Coordination  2014. Mexico)

* Grec Festival (Caligram in Movement 2013, Barcelona)

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