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Postskriptum (Post data), is a tetralogy of pieces created and directed by Francisco Córdova throughout the course of four years.

Postskriptum are goodbye experiences. One look, one hug, one gesture, one mistake. Small things that probably make us more human. To let go of costumes and routines foreign to ourselves. Postskriptum is just to say goodbye…



Original Idea & Creation: Francisco Córdova  

Performers: Kiko López, Héctor Plaza or Francisco Córdova, Alfonso López


​General Production: Fabrica Escena S.C. 

Co-Production: Physical Momentum & Fabrica Escena S.C. 

Manager Physical Momentum (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani

Photos: Fausto Guijon, Emmanuel Adamez, Ogamifam.

* Piece performed at the dance circuit"Transit". Brazil 2015, 2017, 2021

* Piece granted with the 2º Price and the Audience’s Choice at the Certamen Coreogràfic Sabadell 2015. Spain.

* Piece picked for the Performing Arts Meeting ENARTES of FONCA. Mexico 2015

* Piece performed at the dance circuit "Red a cielo Abierto".Spain 2015

* Piece performed at the urban dance circuit. Italia 2015

* Piece supported by the Project Development and Cultural Co Investments Program, FONCA 2014-2015  within the project Internationalization Network (i18n) 

* "María de Avila" Superior Dance Conservatory award Madrid 2014

* Santander Artistic Residency Award, Spain- Espacio Espiral 2014

* Piece granted the Residenciá Artística Centre Civic Barceloneta 2014, Barcelona (Spain)

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